This Christmas, kids want one and only one Virtual Pet - the POCKET GRILLO!

Combining the charm of Tamagotchi with the latest figital technology developed by NASA ! the ultimate space-age toy!

N E W !!!!!    

These new Pocket Grillo devices are the greatest Virtual Pet currently on the market seen on countless TV programs and news shows.

Riots broke out on Osaka, Japan when the Pocket Grillo first hit the shelves.....we can't make enough to meet the demand!!!

Our biggest sales take place over the Internet and it is for you, the online customer, that we reserve our largest quantity of stock for!

F U N !!   
Available in following styles:

  • Yellow, Green, Red, and white

  • Original Pocket Grillo
  • Pocket Grillo II
  • New!     Optimus Orgo version!

  • COMING SOON!! Scented versions!!

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  • Since the POCKET GRILLO was introduced in the Summer of 1997, we've moved countless quantities of this fun, exciting, educational marvel of technology. Virtual Pets teach children responsibility even as they entertain and amuse; and as we all know, they're NOT just for kids! Even stockbrokers carry Virtual Pets in their briefcases now!

    Includes 20 built-in Songs! including "Alien Nutrition Facts" and "Cookie Wagon".


    The price of the Pocket Grillo fluctuates a bit daily, dependent on stock at hand in the warehouse and the fluctuating cost set by our manufacturing supplier in Japan. click here for our main headquarters page, A-Ranch Ground Zero, where we keep the prices of our products updated to the moment.